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An invitation

I grew up in a very traditional home where we ate all the things, the gluten, the non-fat dairy products, the Sunday night roast with desserts and all. I watched my mom try all the fad diets as they came and went, and I even had a gym membership purchased for me in Grade 9 to help me lose weight. Women's Only Fitness, I remember it being very pink and feeling completely out of place. It likely is the reason I still have an aversion to gyms today.

I did my first detox when I was in my 20s in school studying Holistic Nutrition. Before then I had only ever heard of the cabbage soup diet as a detox plan.

What I learned was that detoxification is essential for our bodies to be able to function well. Toxins are present everywhere in today's society, and they are becoming more and more problematic for our bodies to manage the load and eliminate them.

Physical, mental and emotional illnesses arise from either a deficiency or congestion of our cells and tissues.

Deficiencies are due to inadequate nutrient intake, we eat what’s fast and easy too often when what we need is proper nourishment from whole foods to be able to assist the body in healing and optimal functioning. Congestion in our world today is very common and is everything that is clogging our tissues and cells making it nearly impossible for the nutrients to reach our cells. This makes us feel fatigued, sluggish, lethargic, an overall lack of vitality. If we continue down this path, soon we start to experience physical, mental and emotional symptoms related to this chronic congestion or inflammation.

This is where cleansing becomes so instrumental to feeling our best.

Toxins in the environment comes from the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, the cosmetic and beauty products we wear, our cleaning products, food storage containers, and the list goes on and on. We can also experience mental, emotional and spiritual toxins through negative thought processes, the stories we choose to believe, self sabotaging behaviours, not prioritizing, and also a lack in connection, to ourselves, our community and source.

Whatever the toxin is, they all behave similarly. They contribute to the burden on your biology which slows down digestion, energy production and zaps your vitality.

In order to create optimal health and feel your very best, clearing toxins from the mind, body and spirit is a much needed regular practise.

A detox is best done at the change of seasons to allow the mind and body to release. To release undigested food, undigested emotions and anything unprocessed from the previous season. Basically anything that is no longer serving you or where you are going in this new season.