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with Sheena Huculak

Nutritional consultations and health coaching is available in packages depending on your level of commitment and need of support. A three month commitment is strongly recommended to allow for the most growth.


Nutrition Coaching


Initial Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching

2 hour initial consult

with multiple forms to complete prior to session

Have you already tried a gluten-free, paleo, keto or any other diet plan, and didn't get the results you were looking for?

I have heard that from so many people over the years! 

Many of these diets can be useful and helpful but most people don't stick with it long term when they find that their health issues are still present.

There is usually a deeper root cause at play that diet alone cannot address. Many people are experiencing chronic complex, multi system health issues.

The difference in my approach is that I create individualized care plans, which simply means what works for someone else likely isn't going to work for you in the same way.

I address diet and lifestyle with each individual in a unique way, we look at all the epigenetic factors that apply to your health, diet, hydration, movement, sleep hygiene, nervous system imbalances, mindset, environmental factors (toxins, EMFs, light exposure) and more!






Our initial consultation is set up in 2 appointments. 

In the first appointment (1.5 hour) I will be gathering information from you and learning more about your unique health concerns and your goals. I will be making general recommendations throughout this appointment.

When you return for your follow up appointment (30 minutes) you will have a full health plan to work off of that will address all areas of your health.  

The initial consultation is where I gather enough information for me to make the best recommendations on what your unique plan will be, the second appointment is when we move deeper into your personalized plan of diet and lifestyle modifications, the science and research and set specific goals for you to move towards.





One on One
Coaching Packages

If you are ready to be challenged and take your health and personal development to the next level then this is where you want to be! 

One on one coaching with Sheena gives you the opportunity to ground down and tune in to gain clarity on what it is you truly desire for your life. 

Together with guidance, support and accountability you will be actively working towards all your health goals!


What you receive is:

Initial 2 hour session

4 - 1 hour coaching sessions

Midweek check-ins via text

Ongoing encouragement and support



Individual Sessions
1 hour

 Individual Coaching Sessions

Not sure if health coaching is for you? This is the option for you!

In one hour Sheena will help you gain clarity on your specific goal(s) and give you actionable steps to take that will move you towards better health and well-being.


Email to book your Coaching Session today

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