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Janice Kenny

 After The Reset, I felt fabulous, lost some weight (which never comes easy to me) and had a real glow to my skin. Their knowledge, tips, recipes and kind words were very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you Marni and Sheena! It really was a pivotal shift for my life

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Heather Rodgers

Although my intention with starting The Reset was to reduce bloating my biggest result was sleep and hot flashes! 


I had begun to suffer hot flashes at night. In the six months previous to The Reset I was having 4-6 hot flashes a night and 3-4 in the day. I felt tired all the time as the nightly hot flashes were almost hourly and disturbing my sleep so much.  I felt very self conscious and very uncomfortable when they would hit during the day.


After just one week on The Reset, my hot flashes stopped... they didn’t reduce, they completely stopped! I haven’t had one, day or night, since then. My energy level has increased so much, I have lost 8 lbs and continue to feel great... with zero hot flashes!


Patti Yarmoloy

As I have matured over the years, my body was starting to talk back to me. Aches, pains started to arrive, and then I met Marni.  She provides a safe and loving environment that is filled with a sense of community. Marni has a calmness and openness that inspires a practise which encourages with out force. For those who study with Marni she offers permission to just be where you are in the moment. 


Marni introduced me to Sheena. Through her skillful guidance she encouraged me to listen to my body and this process allowed me to understand its needs and desires which helped me break some long standing beliefs regarding food intake. 


The combination of their incredible breadth of knowledge  promotes a lovely balance that has created a strong healthy environment for my body.


I am passionate about optimizing health, and igniting the spark of self inquiry.

This is an online platform, a community,  where I offer programs to help you feel fully ALIVE!

The four pillars I believe in to achieve optimal health are:





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